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Have an idea for a book that you want actualized? Do you want to see your name in print? All subjects are covered, from fiction to non fiction, from novellas to screenplays. Let anonymous writers work on your autobiography, textbook or essay.


Through Smartpen Publishers, we can help you with book editing, book design, cover design, and the whole publishing process from eBooks to paperbacks. All services are affordable and designed to make your journey as hustle free as possible. 

Web Design

Do you want a sleek looking professional website for personal or business use? We can help you get moving by registering a domain name for you, getting you affordable web hosting and design your website at unbelievably affordable pricing. You get free social media integration along with the site for promotion on twitter and Facebook.

Other Services

Reach us for all your digital content needs, from Learning management systems, policy formulation, school and college registration, business plans, company profiles, course curricula in a variety of fields, research proposals, digital marketing campaigns, among others. Experts are on hand to guide you through. 

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Get started on your professional services: whether you need ghostwriting, book publishing services, a good website for your business/organization and any other digital content needs…

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