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The Secret Reign of Pope Christine

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Between February and April 2nd 2005, there was a power vacuum at the Vatican with Pope John Paul II too ill to take charge of affairs. Vatican doctors went against his wishes and placed him on life support in an attempt to prolong his life, which seemed to have reached its natural end.

Many Papabile cardinals, led by Cardinal Aurelio Medici, a 4 foot, 3 inch cardiologist, started plotting on how to succeed the ailing pontiff. Sister Christine, a nun from Kenya, at the Vatican on a scholarship to study Psychology, recruits student leaders in an attempt to stop the Cardinal Aurelio from succeeding the likable Pope John Paul who she respects.

A fierce battle ensues between cardinals allied to the short Italian cardinal and those recruited by the nun who knows his secrets, having been in an enforced sexual relationship with him for two years. Will she outwit the evil cardinals and become Pope like she has always dreamt? She has support from Brother Edward, Sister Slindile, Dr. Mlachi and Maria, people that are willing to sacrifice money and time to make her achieve her enduring dream.

1 review for The Secret Reign of Pope Christine

  1. Khausi Jane

    A great book with an unpredictable plot. Trouble begins when Father O’Donnell the parish priest who has a long term affair with the mother superior impregnates another nun Christine in the same parish. He must find a way to prevent the truth from coming to light before Christine reports to Rome for her scholarship yet the mother superior is close to discovering them. Things become complicated when Christine’s past affair is discovered while at the Vatican and the only way to remain a nun and save Father O’Donnell from being defrocked is to attend weekly ‘counseling sessions’ with the cardinal for the rest of her stay at the Vatican. She discovers how rotten the whole system is and tired of the pretense she vows to become a pope and clean the Vatican from within. Not even advice from her friends and family will change her mind. Once you start reading you will definitely love it

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