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The Fourth Reich

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The Fourth Reich is a political thriller in which a chemical attack during the Israeli-Palestine conflict in the Middle East leaves a journalist scarred to unimaginable depths. He picks a giant turtle from among the war ruins and believes this must be Adolf Hitler planning yet another Reich, The Fourth Reich. The trauma he undergoes leads to horrifying dreams and reminiscences which depict the turtles not only mating and giving rise to more rebellious turtles, but holding meetings in the depth of the night and influencing other animals to rise up against the government.The granduncle’s National Intelligence Service Intercepts the manuscript of The Fourth Reich while on its way to Avon Books an American Publisher, believing that the novel is an indictment of his dictatorial regime and the historical injustices he has meted out on his countrymen. Things take an ugly turn when he orders the writer’s arrest vows to stop the novel’s publication, even if it means arresting all turtles in the country and torturing them into revealing their plans.

1 review for The Fourth Reich

  1. Khausi Jane

    Ayub a journalist picks a giant turtle from among the war ruins in the Middle East and believes this must be Adolf Hitler planning a fourth Reich. He writes a novel criticizing bad leadership and in it the turtles hold meetings late in the night to influence other animals to go against the government. The granduncle intercepts the manuscript on its way to the publishers and orders the arrest of the author. He believes the book is describing his bad regime, the killings and injustices done to people. He orders the arrest and torture of all turtles to reveal the plans they discuss in the night. As Ayub tries to escape arrest he ends up being kidnapped by the Sabaot Land Defense Force. The author has complete control of the story and brings out powerful lessons that you can’t afford not to read this political exciting thriller

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