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The Coffin Factory

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A rapist has to be stopped.The 109 year old matriarch he raped is not only pregnant but goes into labor immediately she arrives at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital. Dr. Sally suggests she undergoes CS, but nobody knows if she will survive childbirth at such an advanced age.

The medical superintendent of the third largest referral hospital in Kenya watches on, terrified as his grandmother succumbs to her third and final rape to set in motion a myriad of events that will change his destiny and the destiny of the entire country.

The medical superintendent and his lieutenants seek to avenge with the help of the dead woman.The rapist establishes uses a multi-drug resistant strain of Vibrio cholerae to decimate the entire county and establishes a coffin factory with the help of a powerful politician.Will Dr. Mlachi and his friends stop his evil scheme?

1 review for The Coffin Factory

  1. Khausi Jane

    A taut and exciting novel about Dr. Mlachi’s grandmother who has been raped for the third time at the age of 109 years and ends up in the labour ward. First at 9 years by Fr. Mathew the priest who rescued her from Yala river while a toddler, then by his son captain Redcock and finally by the grandson Colonel Redcock. As Dr. Mlachi tries to seek justice for the death of her grandmother, the rapist has established a coffin factory business and will even kill people using a multi-drug resistant strain of Vibrio cholerae to ensure the business thrives. Dr. Mlachi and his friends Thomas and chief Inspector Koros vow to stop him at all cost and will even be crucified amid this fight. A thriller that leaves a reader yearning for more books from the author

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