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The Cancer Section

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What would you do if a doctor in love with your husband gave you a false cancer diagnosis and made you go through devastating chemotherapy and radiotherapy, all because of hate? What if your husband stumbled upon a cure for multiple cancers only for a greedy industrialist with interests in pharmaceuticals to try and take advantage of the same, at the expense of hundreds of patients?The Cancer Section revolves around the lives of cancer patients in the congested oncology section of Kenya’s third largest referral hospital. When Dr. Sally, diagnoses Maria with ovarian cancer stage III, she is admitted in the oncology ward where she meets her histology lecturer, Professor Odindo, and campus boyfriend, Martin Luther who are suffering from cancer and have been at the ward for a long time.The death of Professor Odindo and the near death experience of her ex-boyfriend prove devastating. She is drawn to him, and starts spending more time with him to the extent of making her husband jealous.Dr. Mlachi, her husband, stumbles upon what might be a cure for cancer, but a rich Portuguese industrialist is determined with the help of Dr. Sally, to gain control of the wonder drug and sacrifice hundreds of patients at the facility and beyond. Will Miguel Angel Almeida succeed?

1 review for The Cancer Section

  1. Khausi Jane

    A story that gets the reader hooked from the beginning when Dr. Sally misdiagnoses Maria, Dr. Mlachi’s wife with stage III cancer and recommends radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She has always been in love with Dr. Mlachi the medical superintendent and would do anything to have him. The pain of other cancer patients in the same hospital can be seen during Maria’s visits to the cancer ward. Dr. Mlachi discovers a cure for cancer but Dr. Sally’s greed is too much that together with his foreign boyfriend Dr. Miguel Almeida they kidnap him and his wife just to get to the source of the herb. To read the first few pages of this book is to be compelled to read them all as quickly as you can turn the pages.

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