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The Black Man’s Testament

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Dr. Mlachi is relaxing on the beach with Dr. Sally Mungai, Maria, and an unnamed woman when his dad, nicknamed the black man, returns after close to thirty-five years. The man who left him and his siblings and flew away in a sandstorm throws him into the water eighteen times, despite knowing he can’t swim, but each time rescues him with the help of two ex-convicts well known to him. One is Dr. Nicholas Rotich, his former assistant, while the other is Nancy, his ex-wife, a pediatric nurse who attempted to kill an entire village and was jailed for 21 years.

On the eighteenth time, he manages to swim unaided to the shore, only to be captured by soldiers allied to the granduncle. They blindfold him and crucify him atop a hill where he stays suspended for three days and three nights, after which he is surprisingly rescued by the granduncle who needs him to perform one last heart transplant on him, and to save his lineage from oblivion. He wakes up from the frightening dream and decides to plunge into politics, the beginning of yet another nightmare, in real-time, and he has to ascend to the presidency like his grandmother prophesied, or forever live in an unending cycle of pain and misfortune.

1 review for The Black Man's Testament

  1. Khausi Jane

    The sitting president will do just anything to stick to power. Bribing the members of parliament to remove presidential term limits, killing compatible citizens for organs to renew himself… Not even his family will be spared if he smells betrayal from them yet his cardiologist of years, a simple but popular medical superintendent is a big threat. Him becoming the next president is a prophesy that has to be fulfilled. This book has everything interesting to read about, love, betrayal, revenge, humour, struggles, hope… and once you start reading, you can’t rest until you come to the end

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