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The Aids Ward

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Dr. Mlachi is working day and night to beat a supernatural deadline. He must find a cure for HIV and Aids before his brother succumbs to the dreaded scourge. Can he rescue him? His marriage to Flo is on the rocks, can he save it? The hospital superintendent of the country’s third largest referral hospital is up in arms against his Aids research project and wants him and his ailing brother dead. Can Dr. Mlachi outwit him? A nurse who has been diligently looking after his brother falls in love with him. Can he leave his wife of seven years for her? Rumor also has it that His Excellency the president is also positive and that is why he has been funding the Aids Research Project. Could this be true? Maria, one of his students, falls in love with him and threatens to further complicate his love life. Will she succeed in making her lecturer abandon his family?

1 review for The Aids Ward

  1. Khausi Jane

    A great book that focusses on the story of a dedicated researcher Dr. Mlachi who works day and night to come up with a cure HIV/AIDS to save the world but most important his ailing brother on the brink of death. He is also a university lecture and all these leave him with very little time for his family which consequently threatens his marriage. He still doesn’t give up on the research despite the frustrations from the hospital medial superintendent. His wife almost dies while aborting another man’s child and upon running tests she is also discovered to be HIV positive. He suffers from severe depression and his life almost comes to an end but he is rescued by his friend, a nurse who has been volunteering to take care of his brother in the aids ward for a long time. Nancy has always been in love with him and with the wife’s betrayal he finds himself thinking of reciprocating these feelings even as things to turn out more complicated. It is a mind blowing book that will surpass your high expectations

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