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Born in Western Kenya, Shilaho Wa Muteshi is a published author, a biochemist and reproductive health consultant based in the city of Nairobi. He has more than ten years’ experience in teaching public health, disease epidemiology, chemistry, Biochemistry, Maternal Child Health and Family Planning, HIV and Aids and many others at college level.

He has also managed various health institutions in Kenya and also runs Smartpen Publishers. He has published several major novels including The Aids Ward, Remains of Dead Hope and The Coffin Factory. The Aids Ward is based on Dr. Mlachi who must beat a supernatural deadline by finding a cure for Aids before his brother dies. Remains of Dead Hope, depicts the fight of a people against tyranny. Several of his works have been serialized on his Facebook page.

The books include:

1. The Black Man’s Testament
2. Sweet and Sour Dreams
3. The Fourth Reich
4. The Secret Reign of Pope Christine
5. The Resurrection of Dedan Kimathi
6. Waiting for Death
7. Phantom Fever
8. Red Mercury Heist
9. The Life and Times of Judy N.
10. The Desert Crisis

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Shilaho Wa Muteshi

Shilaho Wa Muteshi

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